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What Do You Need to Push Yourself to The Next Level Even with Challenges?

Everyone has their own struggles in life. It's what we do with those struggles that determines how successful we are. Are you willing to push yourself to the next level, even when things are challenging? You can do it if you set your mind to it!

I recall going to school with athletes that had immense talent. These students really wanted to make a name for themselves during school and high school sports. However, only a few were able to realize the goals of getting recruited into their desired college athletics programs. Many were able to push through their challenges to allow them to make a living professionally in their chosen field of sport. For example, not all the kids who want to become professional footballers had the access to training facilities, e.g., training pitches and essential items like training shoes and training kits, and yet they made it through.

"There are many other situations where people pull through despite setbacks. The critical question, ‘what distinguishes these people from those who fell off along the way?”

If more people could push themselves to the next level on a more consistent basis, there would be many more success stories in different fields to share. And more people would be rising to the occasion and assuming leadership roles across the world. So, what is the secret? Here are a few tips on how to push yourself forward and achieve your goals.

  1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.
    Many people are unaware that embracing discomfort can motivate you to realize your goals. Let us assume that you have just completed your high school education and at home you live well and very comfortably. Your parents own a huge mansion and boast a collection of cars, and you have access to the most high-end gadgets. Food is in plenty, and you even have your cozy room. Your mindset will be different from someone from a very poor background.

    When enrolling in a local college, the luxuries at home may become a massive impediment to your goals because they might hold you back from being daring and taking risks. These are two essential traits to have if you want to stay on track to success. Discomfort creates a more robust inner need to be more successful in solving the problems you or your family face. In the scenario we have mentioned above, the better option for you would be to join a college or university that is far from home. Yes, though you will face many daily challenges while living at a hostel and not your cushy room and you find that the food may not be to your desired standards and people there may not be as friendly and warm as you are used to in your area. However, use these discomforts to trigger a greater desire to achieve your educational goals and career objectives. 
  1. Get Mentors to Help You Stay on Course for Success.
    Mentors are valuable assets on your journey towards attaining your life's objects. These are individuals who have been there and have done that. Your mentors will teach you everything they learned during their journey to success. They will let you in on all the tips and secrets you can use to get you closer to your goals. For example, if you desire to succeed in the medicine industry, get mentors who are masters in that industry.

    Find time to socialise with your mentors and learn as much as you can from them. They are bound to also teach you about the exact mistakes they made along the way to success, so that you can avoid making the same. Mentors are well known for introducing you to other leaders in your area of interest, because they think that you can benefit significantly. A mentor will also motivate you to keep moving ahead when you have low levels of inspiration, perhaps due to self-doubt, lack of the essential resources to succeed, etc. Mentors are also very important for helping you to push yourself to greater heights!
  1. Adopt A "Single Focus" View or Attitude
    It is crucial to have a clear vision of precisely what your goal and focus to get to the next level should be. Having a clear picture of where you need to reach, e.g., getting a college degree, getting a higher-paying job, etc., will help you move closer to your goals. The more focused you are on achieving your objectives, the more likely you will push yourself through challenges to get to the next level.


Pushing yourselves to the next level should not merely be an idea but something we practice daily. Incorporate the tips we have shared above to realize your full potential and attain all your objectives.

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